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Meet Brian Johnson

As a seasoned lawyer and dedicated business professional, I am honored to step forward as a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Georgia's 13th Congressional District.  As a Democrat I am driven by a passion for positive change and unwavering commitment to serving all of our community.

Legal Background: As a lawyer, I've dedicated countless pro bono hours of legal services, fought  for justice, championing the rights of individuals and small businesses. My legal background equips me to navigate the complexities of legislation and ensure our laws uphold fairness and equality for all.

Business Acumen: Having spearheaded successful ventures throughout  my career, I understand the challenges faced by local businesses firsthand. I'm dedicated to fostering an environment where entrepreneurship thrives and where every hardworking individual has the opportunity to succeed.

Community Engagement: I believe in the power of community-driven solutions. Through active engagement and listening sessions across our neighborhoods, I'm committed to understanding the diverse needs of our constituents, ensuring that every voice is heard and represented.

Priorities: My platform focuses on list key issues, such as jobs, criminal justice reform, healthcare reform, economic revitalization, immigration reform, and education, etc., aiming to bring about tangible, inclusive, and sustainable progress for our district.

Collaborative Leadership: I'm dedicated to bipartisan collaboration, putting aside partisan divides to achieve meaningful results for our constituents. I believe that by working together, we can accomplish far more for our community than by working in isolation. I'm excited about the opportunity to serve you, leveraging my legal expertise, business background, and unwavering dedication to advocate for a brighter future for our district. Together, let's build a stronger, more prosperous communities for Georgia's 13th Congressional District.  


Committee to Elect Brian Johnson to Georgia's 13th congressional district
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